Social Security: Myths Debunked?

That’s the claim in this piece by the Motley Fool.

  • Myth 1: Social Security benefits will disappear in the future.
  • Myth 2: You should always take Social Security benefits as soon as you qualify.
  • Myth 3: What you do with your Social Security has no effect on your family.

I won’t take time here to review the answers. The article linked to is short enough to read in a few minutes. But there’s little doubt that Social Security is on the minds of more and more people–aka Baby Boomers–and rightly so.

By the way, the piece ends with a paragraph bearing this heading: The $15,978 Social Security bonus most retirees completely overlook. I clicked on the link and, well, I found the sales pitch pretty compelling. Unfortunately (fortunately?) the link to the thing being sold was down, so I can’t say more. I will when I have a chance to read more.


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