Gold Trust

The Gold Trust (price varies, depending on complexity) is much like the Silver trust. It, too, works great for the purchase of NFA or Title II firearms, but it is also more flexible and makes it possible for you to share both your Title I (pistols, shotguns, and rifles) and NFA/Title II (suppressors, short-barrel rifles and shotguns, etc.) firearms without committing an “accidental felony.”

The Gold Trust also provides for multiple trustees, contains specific instructions to the trustee(s) on how to handle and transfer your firearms (again, to avoid the “accidental felony”), and directs the ultimate distribution of your firearms upon your death.

Other benefits of the Gold Trust:

  • Ability to do substantial charitable planning, including planning for multi-generational and multi-state situations as well as providing options for those with charitable inclinations. This is what sets the Gold Trust apart from the Silver Trust.
  • Like the Silver Trust, the Gold Trust does not rely on your existing will and trust documents. Instead, this trust contains extensive provisions governing trustees and beneficiaries.
  • Extensive directions to you and successor trustees on how to use both your NFA and Title I firearms carefully and in compliance with the law, so neither you nor your successor/co-trustees or beneficiaries commit the “accidental felony.”
  • Spendthrift, decanting, and other such provisions.
  • Ancillary forms, including sample forms for assignments and other transfers, a bill of sale, a power of attorney, and other important documents and forms to enable you to take full advantage of your trust.

If you’re interested in this trust, simply download and complete this fillable PDF form. Once you’re finished, save the form to your computer and send a copy to me via e-mail. Then deposit $1,000.00 at my secure payment link * and let the process begin. I will review the information you provide, then give you a call to answer any questions before I begin drafting.

*Prices for Gold Trusts begin at $1,000.00. If I determine from the information you provide that the cost of drafting your trust will be more than that, I will inform you before I do anything, so you can decide whether you want to proceed.

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