Bronze Trust

The Bronze Trust ($250.00) is a trust designed specifically for the purchase of NFA or Title II firearms. Approximately 18 – 20 pages long, the Bronze Trust is a solid, well-drafted document. The Bronze Trust comes with forms that make it easier for you to:

  • Name successor trustees in the document. If you fail to do that, then your successor trustee will be either the trustee of your existing revocable living trust (if you have one), your agent under your power of attorney (if you have one), or finally, your guardian appointed by a court.
    • Note: Successor trustees are not co-trustees. Successor trustees become actual trustees upon your death or incapacity. Co-trustees serve as trustees with you while you’re alive and in good health.
  • Name remainder beneficiaries, the people or organizations that will receiveSAMSUNG distributions from the trust when you die. If you fail to name such beneficiaries, when you die, distributions of trust assets will go to the beneficiaries of your existing will, pour-over will, revocable living trust, or last will and testament. If you don’t have any of those documents, the laws of intestacy of your state govern.

This trust comes with instructions on how to execute the trust and how to use it to purchase NFA firearms.

If you’re interested in this trust, simply download and complete this fillable PDF form. Once you’re finished, save the form to your computer and send a copy to me via e-mail. Then deposit $250.00 at my secure payment link and let the process begin. I will review the information you provide, then give you a call to answer any questions before I begin drafting.

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